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Write, Draw or Paint and Win Big as #Choice4Life Advocates Announce Online Contest


C4L fb#Choice4Life Advocates – a group of 54 young Nigerians from diverse backgrounds that promote Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, have opened an online contest today. The contest which is expected to run between today, February 7th and February 28th, 2015, accepts entries from the public in the forms of short essays, videos and drawings/paintings, which in a way, will be a messaging medium to the Senators urging them to pass the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill (VAPPbill), a proposed legislation which seeks to eliminate all forms of violence irrespective of gender from the society, and also provides compensation and rehabilitation to victims and survivors.

Themed “Citizen’s Rights and the #VAPPBill”, the contest will award prizes to top three winners and consolation prizes to 3 others.

The prizes to be won are;

1st Prize – iPad Air

2nd Prize – Dell Notebook PC

3rd Prize – Samsung S5 mini handheld

Consolation prize –   N10, 000 each for 3 persons

Entries are accepted via email: vappbillcontest@gmail.com.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Entrants should be resident in Nigeria and aged between 18 years and 35 years old.
  2. Entrants can be male or female.
  • #Choice4Life Advocates are NOT eligible to participate.

Essay entries should be in MS Word format; not more than 200 words; Arial font type; size 12; 1.5 spacing; 0.8 margins on all sides; all references should be footnoted; and your entry should have a cover page stating your name, phone number, location and date of birth.

–          Video/Photovoice entries should be not more than 60 seconds long, in mobile friendly format, preferably MP4

Drawings/Paintings – should be one pager, not less than the size of A4 paper. A clear snapshot of the art work should be sent via email. Original copies shall be required to be sebt to an address to be provided.

NB: Direct the message in your entry to the senator representing your constituency at the National Assembly.

What is #VAPPbill? To find out, Visit https://bit.ly/vappbill

[Laz Ude Eze] Postponement of 2015 Election: 11 Questions on my Mind

Laz Ude Eze

Dr Laz Ude Eze

After weeks of debates, speculations and peaceful protests, the Nigeria’s national electoral body (INEC) has formally announced the postponement of the nationwide elections from Feb 14/28 to March 28/April 11. Let me share some questions on my mind;

1. Why did the NSA who hardly speaks on national issues choose to make call for election shift in London without previous official correspondence with INEC on the issue?

2. Was it a mere coincidence that groups and persons sympathetic to the PDP started voicing out in support of poll shift as suggested by the NSA?

3. Why would security agents chose to begin “final onslaught” against insurgents from the week an election scheduled one year ago is set to hold.

4. If our security agents believe they could rout BH in 6 weeks to allow for peaceful election, why did they wait this long and allowed BH to continue its carnage against the Nigerian people? Will they also #BringBackOurGirls within this period?

5. With many Nigerians yet to collect their PVCs and prospective INEC ad hoc staff yet to be trained on the use of Card Readers 1 week to the election, why was the INEC insisting on going ahead with the election as previously scheduled for Feb 14?

6. Why did INEC choose to make the official announcement of the postponement late at night?

7. Why are the APC and its supporters vehemently opposed to the postponement of elections?

8. Why did some people who hailed Jega – the INEC Boss in recent past for conducting credible polls turn round to lead calls for his resignation?

9. Given the poll shift, will the Senate to resume and complete their good work by passing the Violence Against Persons Prohibition #VAPP Bill in addition to the budget?

10. Will government institutions be able to function normally between now and March 28?

11. What happens to the new words and hashtags like -> FeBuhari, #FailBuhari, #GEJmyVal

Let peace reign in #Nigeria! #SenatePassVAPPbill!! #Choice4Life !!!

[#Choice4Life]: What is #VAPPbill? 4 Must-Know Q&A on the Popular Bill!


VAPPbill1. What is #VAPPbill?

The Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Bill 2011is a proposed legislation which defines violence, seeks to eliminate violence in private and public life, prohibits all forms of violence, sexual, psychological, domestic, Harmful traditional practices (HTP), discrimination against persons and provides all round protection and effective remedies for victims as well as punishment of offenders. It was passed by the House of Representatives in March 2013. It passed through 2nd Reading unanimously on October 16, 2014.

2. What does the Bill Seek to Do?

It seeks to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the occurrence of gender based violence in the Nigerian society especially in homes, public spaces or even in conflict situations. It therefore protects the Right of Nigerians against violence especially violence against women. It aims at addressing the gaps in current laws on violence in private and public spaces. Specifically, it is aimed at responding to old and emerging forms of violence; in particular gender based violence.

3. What are the Legal and Social implications of the Bill?

it criminalizes violence against ALL persons, providing matching penalties for offenses in order to halt the high level of impunity of offenders in private spaces, especially domestic violence in all its ramifications. It also creates a support system for victims of violence to minimize pains and enhance recovery.

4. Who supports the #VAPPbill?

Members of the Senate and House of the Representatives relevant Committees massively supported by other members of the two Chambers, the Ministry of Women Affairs, Developments partners especially the DFID, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women, Ipas, and ActionAid, the National Human Rights Commission , the Nigeria Police Force, national and private owned print and electronic media, the entire membership of Legislative Advocacy Coalition on Violence Against Women (LACVAW), #Choice4Life Advocates, @HAPPYNigeria, Women Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) Raising Her Voice Project Partners and indeed all Civil Society Organizations and individual working on women’s human rights.

You too can also support the bill by doing the following;

  • Share this post on your social media platforms
  • Commend the National Assembly for their actions so far on this bill and encourage the Senate to expedite action and pass it before the elections.
  • Stand against violence against persons in any form.

Lend your voice in support of a quick passage of #VAPPbill!

Credit to: LACVAW, #Choice4Life Advocates

#Choice4Life: 20 Things You Need to Know about the History of #VAPPbill


ImageThe rising incidents of rape, killings and various forms of violence against persons in Nigeria have led to increased advocacy for the speedy passage of Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill (#VAPPbill) by the National Assembly. I’m so proud to be a leading member #Choice4Life Advocates – a group of young Nigerians who are advocating strongly for the passage of this bill and a reform of abortion laws to allow for informed choices in pregnancy cases arising from violent situations such as rape or incest.

First introduced in National Assembly 12 years ago, VAPP Bill has had a chequered history. Here are some bits you may need to know.

  1. #VAPPbill was 1st presented to NASS as the Violence Against Women (Prohibition) Bill on May 28, 2002.
  2. It was sponsored by the then Chair of the House Committee on Women Affairs, Hon. Florence Aya
  3. #VAPPbill was published in the Legislative Gazette in May 2003, at the tail end of the tenure of the Legislature
  4. In 2003, legislative process on #VAPPbill was commenced afresh.
  5. In commemoration of the 2004 International Women’s Day, a Legislative Consultation on the Bill was held on #VAPPbill.
  6. The sponsorship base of #VAPPbill was also expanded with the support of the then Speaker, Hon. Aminu Bello-Masari and over 45 others
  7. In May 2005, Technical Committee on legislative matters and other stakeholders deliberated the modalities for the passage of the #VAPPbill
  8. It was agreed that the Bill needed to be harmonized with other related Bills on Gender Based Violence and modifications made.
  9. In 2006/2007, #VAPPbill was however stalled in the face of the turmoil of tenure extension in NASS.
  10. In 2008, #VAPPbill returned to NASS, the “Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Bill 2008” was presented to the Senate.
  11. The Harmonized #VAPPBill was formally presented to the House of Representatives again on 9th December 2009.
  12. On 30th June 2010, #VAPPBill passed through its first reading in the House of Representatives.
  13. The #VAPPBill equally passed through its 2nd reading in Feb 2011 but yet again failed to be passed as NASS tenure ended.
  14. On the 16th November, 2011, the #VAPPbill was re-introduced to the 7th NASS, House of Reps under the lead sponsorship of Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa.
  15. Hon. @abikedabiri had emerged by consensus as new sponsor of #VAPPBill on 9th November, 2011; Bill sent for gazette 21st November 2011.
  16. #VAPPBill was gazetted on the 7th February, 2012; 1st reading on the 8th February 2012; 2nd reading on 21st June, 2012.
  17. Third and final reading of the #VAPPbill was done in HoR on 14/3/2013 & was then transmitted to the senate for concurrence.
  18. #VAPPBill has undergone the 1st reading at the senate and the leadership of the senate has assured of speedy consideration.
  19. #VAPPBill has undergone the 1st reading at the senate in March 2014 and the leadership of the senate through the Senate Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba has assured of speedy consideration.
  20. #VAPPbill has been listed for Second Reading multiple times but yet to be read for the second time in the Senate.
    If you are bothered by the spate of violence in Nigeria and wants a policy that may help to mitigate it, please lend your voice to the quick passage of #VAPPbill and provision for informed choices of women in cases of unwanted pregnancies arising from sexual violence.

Laz Ude Eze is a public health physician, global health ambassador and the Team lead of #Choice4Life Advocates. He tweets @donlaz4u

[Laz Ude Eze]: Thinking about the Missing Chibok School Girls



I’m very concerned that bad guys in our country plan and execute criminal activities so successfully.

How can more than 200 girls be abducted, reportedly driven in a convoy, in an area under state of emergency, and successfully taken out of reach for more than 2 weeks? 

Why should we always be reactive rather than being proactive?

Whenever I try to imagine the fate of these girls, I get terribly traumatized.

I worry about their reproductive health and rights that are possibly being abused.

I worry about the lack of strong support structure for women with such experience.

I worry about the restrictive laws that may deny them from making #CHOICES or limit their access to LIFE-saving reproductive health services when rescued. 


I’m optimistic they will be back, but extremely concerned about what becomes of their lives after this traumatic experience.

We really need to do better! God bless Nigeria!!

#‎BringBackOurGirls #Choice4Life ‬ #PassVAPPbill 

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