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Okposi Group Visits, Commiserates with Fed. Min. of Education over death of FGC Students


The people of Okposi Community, Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State appear to be taking all the right steps in response to the unfortunate and questionable death of two JSS 3 students of Federal Government College, Okposi (FGCO) – Tochukwu Eneh and Chukwuemeka Ugwu. FGC

On Friday May 27, 2016, a delegation of Okposi e-8, an association of elites of Okposi community, paid a solidarity visit to the Directorate of Basic and Secondary Education, Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja. The delegation, which was led by the association’s chairman who is also the Chairman of the Community Based School Management Committee of FGCO, Barr. Emenike Okorie, was received by the Director, Basic and Secondary Education, Mrs. Anne Buchi Okonkwo.

The delegation said it was in the Ministry to express solidarity with the education authorities over the sad incident. The Okposi e-8 representatives expressed the willingness of their association and community, to cooperate with both the Ministry and security agencies towards unravelling the cause of death, noting that Okposi community has never witnessed such bizarre occurrence or ever been associated with violence of any kind. They explained that Okposi community which is known rather for its hospitality and respect for visitors has already gone ahead to activate its traditional way of dealing with issues of this nature.

The delegation also urged the Ministry to immediately strengthen the school management in order to forestall and nip in the bud acts of indiscipline that might lead to similar incidents in future.

Responding, the Director, Mrs. Okonkwo, thanked the delegation for the timely visit saying that the visit has served to dispel the anxiety of the Ministry over the safety of lives of both students and staff of the school. She further promised to forward a report of the visit to the Permanent Secretary for onward transmission to the Honourable Minister.

Earlier, the group had issued a statement urging a thorough investigation to identify the cause of death and ensure justice is done. Similarly, the Okposi Education Initiative urged continued cooperation of members of the community with the investigators and pledged to work with other stakeholders to prevent recurrence. In accordance with its tradition, the community has also placed curses on any person connected in the death of the students.


[Nnabuchi Okike]: My Service Contract with Ndi Ohaozara East Constituency

Hon. Okike

Hon. Nnabuchi Okike

About Myself
Date of Birth: 10th October, 1978
Place of Birth: Mgbom Okposi
Married To: Mrs Adannaya Okike

Educational Achievements
Mgbom Central School, Okposi; First School Leaving Certificate, 1990
Ada Secondary C.G School, Ada, Osun State; WASSCE, 1996
Osun State College of Technoloy, Esa-Oke; OND  & HND (Accountancy), 2000 & 2003 respectively
National Teachers’ Institute (NTI), Kaduna;  PGD (Education), 2014

Professional Certifications
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by Institute of Public Accountants of Nig, 2007
Certified National Accountant (CNA) by College of Accountancy, Jos, 2014

Previous Political Posts Held and Key Achievements
Councilor, Okposi LGA (now defunct)
Served as Deputy Chief Whip 4 months. Attracted Sinking of 2 boreholes at Isinkwo and Okposi Achara
Management Committee Member, Okposi Development Centre.
Was in Charge of Education & Social Welfare for 5 yearsand achieved the following;

1. Facilitated creation of a new road linking Enuagu Okposi Achara to Isinkwo
2. Facilitated rehabilitation (grading + laterite) of Court Area – Obiagu Mgbom Road.
3. Influenced Construction of a culvert near Mgbom Central School to prevent destruction of a section of the road by erosion.
4. Provision of education support to at least 20 pupils of Mgbom Central School
5. Provision of Financial Assistance to Widows in Mgbom Okposi

Entrepreneurial  History
I was a street hawker for about 3 years. From the money I saved, I rented a shop and started selling electrical appliances. This I continued even after my tertiary education until I returned home to serve my people as Councilor. I’m currently the Chief Executive Officer of the NGGG Resources Nigeria Limited dealing in Oil and Gas, Block Industry, etc. The firm currently employs at least 10 persons from our constituency.

My Mission
To promote peace and unity among the good people of Ohaozara East Constituency and Ebonyi State; and harness available resources towards meeting the developmental needs of my constituency.

My Manifesto
Over the past 10 years, I have lived, served and done businesses within Ohaozara East Constituency. I have a very good understanding of the developmental challenges being faced by the people of Okposi and Ugwulangwu. My motivation to run for this office is to work with other stakeholders and contribute to the development of our area.
If you elect me as your legislator, I commit to doing at least the following;
• I shall execute my official duties in a transparent manner, work harmoniously with my colleagues and render accounts of stewardship to my constituents at least once in a year.
• I will ensure participation of all key stakeholders including traditional institutions and development unions within our constituency in projecting our developmental needs and seeking solutions to our collective problems.
• I will sponsor a bill at the State House of Assembly aimed at empowering youths on skills so as to significantly reduce the number of our constituents and other Ebonyians hawking on the streets of major cities in Nigeria.
• Partnering with the Development Centres and communities in our constituency, I will create a skill acquisition program for our youths to reduce unemployment.
• Promote the health and rights of my people, including qualitative and affordable medical services for the poor.
• Provide support to brilliant but indigent students to pursue their educational endeavors.
• Work assiduously to attract developmental projects to our constituency.

I will work with you! I will work for you!!

Vote Labour Party – ebe e sere mmadu!

Vote Labour Party – ebe e sere mmadu!

Courtesy: Hon. Nnabuchi Okike Campaign Team

[LazUde Eze] 11 Questions for the Good People of Ohanivo


Concerned about the developmental status of his area and the people, Dr Laz Ude Eze, a public health physician and development consultant posed the following questions;

Dr Laz Ude Eze, MPH

Dr Laz Ude Eze

“Ohaozara, Onicha and Ivo LGAs (Ebonyi State) have some of the brightest brains in this country. Ohanivo boasts of so many industrious sons and daughters.
1. But why should our land be regarded among the least developed in the Southeast and many graduates in Ohanivo stay without well paying jobs?
2. Should the youth of Ohanivo continue to lament in their closets or on social media with little or no action to improve on the present regrettable predicament of our people?
3. Should young people in Ohanivo continue to celebrate mediocrity and abysmal performance of some of the political office holders!
4. Should Ohanivo youth continue to wait on luck or miracle to achieve their God-given potentials?
5. Should Ohanivo youth continue to cast their hope on some selfish kleptomaniacs in power who only use them to achieve their selfish goals and dump them thereafter?
6. Should we as a people continue to tolerate lies and retrogressive politics during every election cycle?
7. For how long shall we continue to leave our public schools remain with extremely poor infrastructure and private secondary schools becoming haven for examination malpractices?
8. For how long shall poor health service delivery remain in Ohanivo while hundreds of our Children, parents and siblings die annually from preventable and curable health conditions?
9. For how long should many parts of Onicha, Oshiri, Akaeze, Ukawu, Isu, etc remain without being connected to the national grid of power supply?
10. For how long should Isu-Onicha-Okposi-Amasiri Road, Okposi-Ugwulangwu-Ukawu, etc remain in deplorable condition?
11. Should we fold our hands and watch the current unsatisfactory situation persist OR should we THINK and TAKE ACTION for the DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING A HEALTHIER FUTURE for the good and amiable people of Ohanivo?”

[Laz Ude Eze]: 11 Questions for My Rep – Hon. Linus Abaa Okorie


Hon. Linus A. Okorie

Hon. Linus A. Okorie

Tuesday, June 5, 2014 made it exactly 3 years that Hon. Linus Abaa Okorie was sworn in as the 4th representative of Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency since 1999. I sent a congratulatory email to my representative and also asked some pertinent questions as a friend and concerned constituent. Part of the mail read;

“As you are very much aware, you enjoyed overwhelming goodwill from our people particularly the youth. Your entry into the race and eventual victory gave me and many of my friends hope that your era would be the best in terms of quality of representation. You started quite well, communicating regularly with constituents, online and offline; sharing your vision and thoughts and getting inputs as well. That has since stopped. I and many other friends who campaigned vigorously for you using social media and our home networks are usually faced with questions from other peers whom we campaigned to. I’m also no longer familiar with the activities of my legislator, who also happens to be a senior friend.

Consequently, I feel like putting up the following 11 questions to you trusting that you will make out time from your busy schedule to provide written response within this week. Some of the questions came from my close associates, those who like me believed in you and worked hard to sell your candidature to the electorates 3 years ago. In the event that we meet anytime soon, it may provide opportunity for more interaction”.

The 11 Questions I asked include:

1. You made the following promises before your election (details here -> https://donlaz.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/i-want-to-be-known-as-a-pro-poor-legislator-hon-linus-abaa-okorie/), kindly state which one(s) you have fulfilled. Please give specific examples of what has been done in each case as may be required.
– To sponsor a bill to provide for federally- funded education programme for traders.
– To put the developmental problems of Old Ohaozara on the national front burner in order to attract adequate solutions
– To assiduously campaign against the high incidence of poverty in Old Ohaozara.
– To Work in concert with NGO’s, to introduce and support a policy of social mobilization, organization and enlightenment that empower groups and segments; especially women, economically and politically for greater social development.
– To nurture a virile youth population that is educated, skilled, enlightened and productively engaged for positive development.
– To seek out and partner with local and international agencies in the key areas of the MDGs for the benefit of the people.

2. After your election, you committed to doing the following;
– ICT Training for young people in the constituency and provision of funding support for skill utilization.
– Support rural women groups to form profitable microcredit societies.
– Provision of a web portal for constituents to upload CV (creation of database for the educated unemployed/under-employed youth)
Please state whether or not you have done them. Provide web links or references where applicable.

3. At different periods, you advertised some job positions and asked for CVs of interested constituents. How many of our constituents have you helped to secure jobs?

4. Did you provide scholarship, financial grant or official recommendations to students in our constituency? If yes, how many persons and at what level of education?

5. How many FG-funded development projects (different from usual constituency projects) have you attracted to our constituency? Please name the projects, locations and status of completion.

6. You carried out sensitization program on YouWin for our constituents in 2013, how many of the sensitized persons were provided with technical support during the application process? How many of them scaled through the first round already shortlisted.

7. You provided a Constituency House in Abuja within your 1st year in office. Is the apartment still available for the use of constituents? Till date, how many of our constituents have made use of the place?

8. There were pockets of violence, kidnappings/killings recorded in the constituency recently, specifically in Onicha and Okposi. What specific action(s) did your office take to help to restore peace and forestall future occurrence?

9. 18 months ago (November 2012), I and Humphrey Chidi Awo (two of your key supporters and campaigners in 2011) conducted a qualitative assessment of your performance, collated opinions and suggested way forward and shared with you. It is also published on my blog here -> https://donlaz.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/ohaozara-people-assess-rep-linus-okorie/ . Did you find it useful? Did it in any way influence your actions as a representative of our people?

10. In a recent opinion poll conducted online and monitored by me, 55% of our constituents who responded feel that your representation is “Not at all effective”, 35% thinks it is “Slightly effective” while only 5% think you are “Very Effective”. What do you think about these findings? What steps do you plan to take to improve this rating?

11. In a scale of 1-10, 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, how would you rate your performance in the past 3 years in each of the following areas;
– Sponsorship of bills (law-making)
– Effective representation of our constituency
– Executive oversight

I’ve waited for more than 5 weeks to get answers to the above questions but yet to get any. It is a well known fact my friends and I (like so many other constituents) have supported Hon. Okorie covertly and overtly before, during and after his election. He has also supported me to achieve some of my goals and remains a senior friend. So many other constituents made individual sacrifices to ensure his success at the election and everyone hoped for a superlative and effective representation. However, the quality of representation I have observed so far fall below my expectations. I anticipate Hon. Okorie’s response to the questions because Ndi Ohaozara have the Right to Know. His responses will also help us see how we may support him to do better in the remaining months of his tenure. I also look forward to seeing and sharing very positive and exciting activities of my rep yet again. May God continue to bless the good people of Ohaozara Nation!

Anglican Community Joins #MezieOkposi Crusade


ImageThe leadership of  the Anglican Communion in Ohaozara Arch-Deanery recently visited the Coordinator Okposi Development Centre, Nze Magnus Eze and assured him of their continued prayers to ensure the sustenance of the current moral and social revival going on in Okposi since his appointment as Coordinator. Leader of the team, Venerable Chimaobim Onyenagbagha said they subscribed to the Mezie Okposi crusade because it is in line with the teaching of the Church (Bible).They prayed for the success of the Coordinator and his Administration; and finally presented him with a Holy Bible; and a book authored by His Lord Bishop Udeogu of the Afikpo Diocese of the Anglican Communion.

Nze Magnus reiterated his avowed commitment to promoting public good and being fair to all. He also thanked the clergy and the church for their continued support. 

[Magnus Eze] #MezieOkposi: Okposi, My Beautiful Home!


Court Area, Enuakwa, Okposi, Ebonyi State.

Okposi clan, the nerve centre of Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency of Ebonyi State is made up of two Development Centres (Anuagata and Okposi Development Centres). The Community is unarguably one of the most vibrant and progressive communities in Igbo land.

With a highly sophisticated population, the semi-urban community plays host to a Federal Government Secondary School, a Police Post and several other Public Institutions. Okposi land; consists of eight major villages (ezin’asato), three autonomous communities of Okposi, Mgbom N’Achara and Okposi Okwu and divided into four Wards. It’s people are predominantly traders and farmers but also has many highly educated professionals in different fields of endeavors. It is worthy of note that Okposi produced the First Education Minister in Nigeria (Hon. Aja Nwachukwu) and First Professor in Ebonyi State (Professor Aja Okorie).

Okposi is secure and our people are very welcoming and hospitable to visitors. Have you been to Mmahi Salt Lake from where Ebonyi’s name “Salt of the Nation” was derived? I shall always play my part to ‪#‎MezieOkposi‬.
If you love Okposi and proud of this land, please share this on your timeline.

Nze Magnus Aja Eze is an aide to the Governor of Ebonyi State, serves as the Coordinator, Okposi Development Center. Tweets @Majeze

Okposi Leaders Resolve to Promote Peace

Okposi is one of the major towns in Ebonyi State of Nigeria. The people of the community are well known to be very industrious and peace-loving. Blessed with many illustrious sons and daughters who are contributing immensely to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria, the community is known for its peaceful nature and hospitality. A key tourist attraction in the community is the Mmahi Salt Lake, from where Ebonyi State derived its name “Salt of the Nation”.

Nze Magnus Eze, Coordinator, Okposi Development Center

However, evil men murdered sleep when an unprecedented tragedy happened; an educationist and former Coordinator of Okposi Development Center, Hon. Ihebunandu Okorie was kidnapped and assassinated. Series of events following the tragic event led to the removal of Mr Mark Onu as the Coordinator and appointment of Mr Magnus Aja Eze (Nze) as the the Coordinator.
Before his appointment, Mr Eze who is also the President General of Mgbom N’Achara Development Union had mobilized Okposi elite to work together and restore peace in the community. With overwhelming goodwill and support from the people of Okposi, the new Coordinator is working with concerned Okposi Leaders of Thought to restore peace and ensure accelerated development of the community.
Below is the Communique of a meeting held recently in this regard;

We, the leaders of thoughts, both religious, Elite and community, of Okposi Ezi-N’asato Clan in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State met and after exhaustive deliberations on recent ugly happenings in the community noted with serious concern as follows;
A) that , although, crime may never be eradicated completely from any society but the sudden rise of crime in our dear community from a once peaceful and almost crime-free community to a den of criminals and home to highly militant youths calls for concerted efforts by all well-meaning Okposi indigenes and government at all levels including the security agencies.
B) that the timely change of leadership at Okposi Development Centre with the appointment of Mr. Magnus Eze as Coordinator by the Ebonyi State Governor, His Excellency, Chief Martin N. Elechi, CON is a step in the right direction, highly welcomed and commendable.
And having carefully taken critical x-ray of all the issues; the meeting hereby resolved as follows: that
1. the two Coordinators of Okposi and Anuagata Development Centres in Okposi Ezin’asato should liaise with the traditional institutions and Development Unions of the three Autonomous Communities to ensure the security of lives and properties in Okposi EziN’asato.
2. the abduction and gruesome murder of Elder Ihebunandu Okorie, former Coordinator of Okposi Development Centre is a big blow not only to Okposi Ezin’asato but to the entire Ebonyi state and we therefore urge the Ebonyi State Government and the security agencies concerned to ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to book no matter how highly placed the person or group of persons may be.
3. We call on all well-meaning sons and daughters of Okposi Ezin’asato to support the efforts of Government at all levels in ensuring the peace and security of lives and properties in Okposi Ezin’asato and its environs.
4. We urge parents and guardians to monitor the activities of their children and wards to avoid their conscription into the social miscreant gangs.

5. We decry the attitude of some politicians who use our youth as thugs to perpetrate violence and criminal activities in the community and urge them to desist forthwith as no stone shall be left un-turned to unmask them.

Long Live Okposi Ezin’asato!Long Live Ohaozara!!
Long Live Ebonyi State!!!
For and on behalf of the Leaders of Thoughts:

1. Barr. Eze Anoke
    President General,Okposi Community Development Union (OCDU)
2. Chief Ogbonna Sam Okoro
     Fmr President Genera, Okposi Okwu Development Union (OODU)
3. Isaiah Nwite (Sir Whyte)
    1st Vice President Mgbom Na Achara Development Union (MADU)
4. Rev. Father Lawrence Aja
    Holy Rosary Parish, Okposi
5. Rev. Dr. Johnson Odii
    Okposi Achara
6. Hon. Benson Igboke
    Amaeluagu Okposi
7. Hon. Ogbonnaya O. Akpoke
    2nd Vice President Mgbom Na Achara Development Union (MADU)
8. Barr. J. U. Okorie
    Umuka Okposi
9. Prof. Sunday N. Agwu
      Okposi Okwu
10. Pharm. J. C. Agwu
      Amaechi Okposi
11. Hon. Benard Akoma
      Isinkwo Mgbom
12. Barr. Chike Okorie
13. Hon. Amos Ibere
      Okposi Okwu
14. Hon. Barr. Ogbonnaya Sunday
      Mgbom Enu
15. Philip Egbo Uzor
      Okposi Okwu
16. Barr. George M. Okorie
      Umunuka Okposi
17. The Reverend Edward Obuneme
       Umuka Okposi
18. Hon. Chukuka Okorie
      Mgbom Enu
Ani Okposi

Court Area (Enuakwa), Okposi, Ebonyi State.