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[Laz Ude Eze] Postponement of 2015 Election: 11 Questions on my Mind

Laz Ude Eze

Dr Laz Ude Eze

After weeks of debates, speculations and peaceful protests, the Nigeria’s national electoral body (INEC) has formally announced the postponement of the nationwide elections from Feb 14/28 to March 28/April 11. Let me share some questions on my mind;

1. Why did the NSA who hardly speaks on national issues choose to make call for election shift in London without previous official correspondence with INEC on the issue?

2. Was it a mere coincidence that groups and persons sympathetic to the PDP started voicing out in support of poll shift as suggested by the NSA?

3. Why would security agents chose to begin “final onslaught” against insurgents from the week an election scheduled one year ago is set to hold.

4. If our security agents believe they could rout BH in 6 weeks to allow for peaceful election, why did they wait this long and allowed BH to continue its carnage against the Nigerian people? Will they also #BringBackOurGirls within this period?

5. With many Nigerians yet to collect their PVCs and prospective INEC ad hoc staff yet to be trained on the use of Card Readers 1 week to the election, why was the INEC insisting on going ahead with the election as previously scheduled for Feb 14?

6. Why did INEC choose to make the official announcement of the postponement late at night?

7. Why are the APC and its supporters vehemently opposed to the postponement of elections?

8. Why did some people who hailed Jega – the INEC Boss in recent past for conducting credible polls turn round to lead calls for his resignation?

9. Given the poll shift, will the Senate to resume and complete their good work by passing the Violence Against Persons Prohibition #VAPP Bill in addition to the budget?

10. Will government institutions be able to function normally between now and March 28?

11. What happens to the new words and hashtags like -> FeBuhari, #FailBuhari, #GEJmyVal

Let peace reign in #Nigeria! #SenatePassVAPPbill!! #Choice4Life !!!


2015 Elections: How Nigerians should Vote – by Nkata Chuku

Dr Nkata Chuku

Dr Nkata Chuku

Fellow Nigerians, let us all ensure that we get our PVCs no matter how inconveniencing. Let us all also make sure we vote so we don’t go the usual route of analysis paralysis that doesn’t reflect. Let us back our convictions with our votes and wait for them to be counted so we are sure the results reflect the wishes of the majority. Let us accept the results if there are no obvious manipulations even if our personal choices don’t win because a democracy is about majority. Let us cast away our differences and work together with the winner because this is about the country and not candidates.

Please seek to know the candidates and what they offer at the local levels and vote for all positions from state house of assembly to the presidency. Bear in mind that leadership at the lowest level is even more critical and so should receive the level of attention we give the presidential.

Though party loyalty is good, be bold enough to vote better candidates outside your party where you identify them.

Vote with your children in mind so your conscience is your guide.

Nkata Chuku is a physician and health economist.