[Laz Ude Eze]: My Response to Oba Akiolu’s Threat to Ndigbo


I’ve listened and watched the videos of the Oba of Lagos’ shameful speech to a group of Ndigbo in Lagos. I join thousands of young Nigerians across ethnic divide who have commendably risen to condemn in the strongest terms (with due respect to his stool) the threat of Oba Rilwan Akiolu against Ndigbo who may choose to vote for Jimi Agbaje.

The Oba belongs to the generation that institutionalized tribalism in the country and his outburst is a futile attempt to thwart the efforts of my generation to minimize or possibly eliminate it. Three of my classmates in Medical School (all Yorubas) are married to umuada Igbo, and some Igbos to Yoruba girls. This wasn’t common during Oba’s time. I only pity young people who reason like him in this respect.

I have robust friendship and deep respect for many Yorubas. They’re awesome and amazing people and I believe that the Oba’s damnable speech does not represent their opinion. As long as Nigeria remains one country, Ndigbo like other citizens will continue to go about their legitimate businesses + politics in any part of the country as they deem fit. To the parochial ones, travel more around the country and free yourself! My generation must do more to purge the country of the tribalism bug. God bless Nigeria.

April 7, 2015.

With the global outrage against the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Nigerian leaders should watch and not allow the country to descend to such level. No Nigerian should be considered as an immigrant in his/her own country and Lagos must not stain its name further in this regard.


About Laz Ude Eze

A public health physician, health systems consultant and an advocate for good governance, health equity and social justice. Authored the book, "A Companion to Practical Pathology" and founded HAPPYNigeria in 2006. I'm also a Brand Ambassador of Social Good Nigeria. To read my full profile, copy and paste this link on your URL and check it out >> http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=35254652&trk=tab_pro Your feedback on all posts are welcome. Follow me on twitter - @donlaz4u.

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