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[Nnabuchi Okike]: My Service Contract with Ndi Ohaozara East Constituency

Hon. Okike

Hon. Nnabuchi Okike

About Myself
Date of Birth: 10th October, 1978
Place of Birth: Mgbom Okposi
Married To: Mrs Adannaya Okike

Educational Achievements
Mgbom Central School, Okposi; First School Leaving Certificate, 1990
Ada Secondary C.G School, Ada, Osun State; WASSCE, 1996
Osun State College of Technoloy, Esa-Oke; OND  & HND (Accountancy), 2000 & 2003 respectively
National Teachers’ Institute (NTI), Kaduna;  PGD (Education), 2014

Professional Certifications
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by Institute of Public Accountants of Nig, 2007
Certified National Accountant (CNA) by College of Accountancy, Jos, 2014

Previous Political Posts Held and Key Achievements
Councilor, Okposi LGA (now defunct)
Served as Deputy Chief Whip 4 months. Attracted Sinking of 2 boreholes at Isinkwo and Okposi Achara
Management Committee Member, Okposi Development Centre.
Was in Charge of Education & Social Welfare for 5 yearsand achieved the following;

1. Facilitated creation of a new road linking Enuagu Okposi Achara to Isinkwo
2. Facilitated rehabilitation (grading + laterite) of Court Area – Obiagu Mgbom Road.
3. Influenced Construction of a culvert near Mgbom Central School to prevent destruction of a section of the road by erosion.
4. Provision of education support to at least 20 pupils of Mgbom Central School
5. Provision of Financial Assistance to Widows in Mgbom Okposi

Entrepreneurial  History
I was a street hawker for about 3 years. From the money I saved, I rented a shop and started selling electrical appliances. This I continued even after my tertiary education until I returned home to serve my people as Councilor. I’m currently the Chief Executive Officer of the NGGG Resources Nigeria Limited dealing in Oil and Gas, Block Industry, etc. The firm currently employs at least 10 persons from our constituency.

My Mission
To promote peace and unity among the good people of Ohaozara East Constituency and Ebonyi State; and harness available resources towards meeting the developmental needs of my constituency.

My Manifesto
Over the past 10 years, I have lived, served and done businesses within Ohaozara East Constituency. I have a very good understanding of the developmental challenges being faced by the people of Okposi and Ugwulangwu. My motivation to run for this office is to work with other stakeholders and contribute to the development of our area.
If you elect me as your legislator, I commit to doing at least the following;
• I shall execute my official duties in a transparent manner, work harmoniously with my colleagues and render accounts of stewardship to my constituents at least once in a year.
• I will ensure participation of all key stakeholders including traditional institutions and development unions within our constituency in projecting our developmental needs and seeking solutions to our collective problems.
• I will sponsor a bill at the State House of Assembly aimed at empowering youths on skills so as to significantly reduce the number of our constituents and other Ebonyians hawking on the streets of major cities in Nigeria.
• Partnering with the Development Centres and communities in our constituency, I will create a skill acquisition program for our youths to reduce unemployment.
• Promote the health and rights of my people, including qualitative and affordable medical services for the poor.
• Provide support to brilliant but indigent students to pursue their educational endeavors.
• Work assiduously to attract developmental projects to our constituency.

I will work with you! I will work for you!!

Vote Labour Party – ebe e sere mmadu!

Vote Labour Party – ebe e sere mmadu!

Courtesy: Hon. Nnabuchi Okike Campaign Team

[Laz Ude Eze] #NigeriaDecides: Do @PDPNigeria & @APCNigeria Want to Kill Off the Health Sector


Within the past one year, government-owned hospitals in our dear country didn’t function optimally for a cumulative period of 5 months (July-Aug 2014; Nov 2014-Jan 2015). Many lives were lost to lack of access to health care services or mismanagement of cases by incompetent folks in some private hospitals (my uncle was victim). Some had to sell their valuables to be able to afford health care in private hospitals.

It’s election time. PDP hasn’t apologised to Nigerians and people adversely affected by the strikes (including me). They haven’t assured us with believable evidence that there won’t be a repeat between 2015 and 2019 if the party gets re-elected at the national level. Apart from setting up Yayale Ahmed Committee, the present/PDP administration has been unable to resolve the lingering health sector crisis over the past 5 years (for GEJ) and 16 years (for PDP).

In same vain, APC promised free health services for some categories of people, but hasn’t told us how they would solve the crisis in the health sector which has claimed many lives of innocent Nigerians. Or how would people be able to access good quality services with the current industrial disharmony between Drs and other health workers? Is the challenge not serious enough to be a key issue in this campaign? Could it be because APC-led Lagos State was unable to manage it well, when it purportedly sacked all Drs after weeks of strike in 2012? Or probably because APC Gov. Rauf Aregbesola is yet to pay salaries of health workers in Osun State since November 2014?

Why are Nigerians not asking pertinent questions in this regard? Why do GEJ and GMB supporters prefer to debate and fight daily over propaganda and conspiracy theories being propagated on regular intervals and focus less on the real issues that affect our lives? One of the greatest achievements of the present administration is the enactment of the National Health Act – the first policy framework that regulates practices in the health sector. Has any of the the leading parties (APC & PDP) shared with us their strategic implementation plan for this act if elected into the presidency or governorship positions? If no, would it be incorrect for one to believe that many politicians of both PDP and APC extractions, wittingly or unwittingly, are gradually killing the health sector?

Fellow Nigerians, some progress have been made in the health sector within the past two decades but we are still very far from where our health system deserve to be. Millions of people still die from highly preventable and curable health conditions like malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, child birth, etc. The work environment in hospitals has become too hostile and health workers no longer have job satisfaction.  Many are moving to non-clinical jobs while others leave the country to practice elsewhere. Let’s put more pressure on our government especially states and LGAs to lead efforts for sustainable investments in health, resolve the crisis in the sector and strengthen the health system. Those who think they may not be affected should know that not all medical emergencies will keep one alive till s/he gets to overseas for care. Or is it an offense if Nigeria becomes renowned for providing quality and accessible health services to the citizens and becomes a destination for medical tourism?

May God continue to bless our dear country, Nigeria.