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2015 Elections: How Nigerians should Vote – by Nkata Chuku

Dr Nkata Chuku

Dr Nkata Chuku

Fellow Nigerians, let us all ensure that we get our PVCs no matter how inconveniencing. Let us all also make sure we vote so we don’t go the usual route of analysis paralysis that doesn’t reflect. Let us back our convictions with our votes and wait for them to be counted so we are sure the results reflect the wishes of the majority. Let us accept the results if there are no obvious manipulations even if our personal choices don’t win because a democracy is about majority. Let us cast away our differences and work together with the winner because this is about the country and not candidates.

Please seek to know the candidates and what they offer at the local levels and vote for all positions from state house of assembly to the presidency. Bear in mind that leadership at the lowest level is even more critical and so should receive the level of attention we give the presidential.

Though party loyalty is good, be bold enough to vote better candidates outside your party where you identify them.

Vote with your children in mind so your conscience is your guide.

Nkata Chuku is a physician and health economist.