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[LazUde Eze] 11 Questions for the Good People of Ohanivo


Concerned about the developmental status of his area and the people, Dr Laz Ude Eze, a public health physician and development consultant posed the following questions;

Dr Laz Ude Eze, MPH

Dr Laz Ude Eze

“Ohaozara, Onicha and Ivo LGAs (Ebonyi State) have some of the brightest brains in this country. Ohanivo boasts of so many industrious sons and daughters.
1. But why should our land be regarded among the least developed in the Southeast and many graduates in Ohanivo stay without well paying jobs?
2. Should the youth of Ohanivo continue to lament in their closets or on social media with little or no action to improve on the present regrettable predicament of our people?
3. Should young people in Ohanivo continue to celebrate mediocrity and abysmal performance of some of the political office holders!
4. Should Ohanivo youth continue to wait on luck or miracle to achieve their God-given potentials?
5. Should Ohanivo youth continue to cast their hope on some selfish kleptomaniacs in power who only use them to achieve their selfish goals and dump them thereafter?
6. Should we as a people continue to tolerate lies and retrogressive politics during every election cycle?
7. For how long shall we continue to leave our public schools remain with extremely poor infrastructure and private secondary schools becoming haven for examination malpractices?
8. For how long shall poor health service delivery remain in Ohanivo while hundreds of our Children, parents and siblings die annually from preventable and curable health conditions?
9. For how long should many parts of Onicha, Oshiri, Akaeze, Ukawu, Isu, etc remain without being connected to the national grid of power supply?
10. For how long should Isu-Onicha-Okposi-Amasiri Road, Okposi-Ugwulangwu-Ukawu, etc remain in deplorable condition?
11. Should we fold our hands and watch the current unsatisfactory situation persist OR should we THINK and TAKE ACTION for the DEVELOPMENT and BUILDING A HEALTHIER FUTURE for the good and amiable people of Ohanivo?”