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[Laz Ude Eze]: Thinking about the Missing Chibok School Girls



I’m very concerned that bad guys in our country plan and execute criminal activities so successfully.

How can more than 200 girls be abducted, reportedly driven in a convoy, in an area under state of emergency, and successfully taken out of reach for more than 2 weeks? 

Why should we always be reactive rather than being proactive?

Whenever I try to imagine the fate of these girls, I get terribly traumatized.

I worry about their reproductive health and rights that are possibly being abused.

I worry about the lack of strong support structure for women with such experience.

I worry about the restrictive laws that may deny them from making #CHOICES or limit their access to LIFE-saving reproductive health services when rescued. 


I’m optimistic they will be back, but extremely concerned about what becomes of their lives after this traumatic experience.

We really need to do better! God bless Nigeria!!

#‎BringBackOurGirls #Choice4Life ‬ #PassVAPPbill 

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