Okposi Group Visits, Commiserates with Fed. Min. of Education over death of FGC Students


The people of Okposi Community, Ohaozara LGA of Ebonyi State appear to be taking all the right steps in response to the unfortunate and questionable death of two JSS 3 students of Federal Government College, Okposi (FGCO) – Tochukwu Eneh and Chukwuemeka Ugwu. FGC

On Friday May 27, 2016, a delegation of Okposi e-8, an association of elites of Okposi community, paid a solidarity visit to the Directorate of Basic and Secondary Education, Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja. The delegation, which was led by the association’s chairman who is also the Chairman of the Community Based School Management Committee of FGCO, Barr. Emenike Okorie, was received by the Director, Basic and Secondary Education, Mrs. Anne Buchi Okonkwo.

The delegation said it was in the Ministry to express solidarity with the education authorities over the sad incident. The Okposi e-8 representatives expressed the willingness of their association and community, to cooperate with both the Ministry and security agencies towards unravelling the cause of death, noting that Okposi community has never witnessed such bizarre occurrence or ever been associated with violence of any kind. They explained that Okposi community which is known rather for its hospitality and respect for visitors has already gone ahead to activate its traditional way of dealing with issues of this nature.

The delegation also urged the Ministry to immediately strengthen the school management in order to forestall and nip in the bud acts of indiscipline that might lead to similar incidents in future.

Responding, the Director, Mrs. Okonkwo, thanked the delegation for the timely visit saying that the visit has served to dispel the anxiety of the Ministry over the safety of lives of both students and staff of the school. She further promised to forward a report of the visit to the Permanent Secretary for onward transmission to the Honourable Minister.

Earlier, the group had issued a statement urging a thorough investigation to identify the cause of death and ensure justice is done. Similarly, the Okposi Education Initiative urged continued cooperation of members of the community with the investigators and pledged to work with other stakeholders to prevent recurrence. In accordance with its tradition, the community has also placed curses on any person connected in the death of the students.


Okposi Education Initiative mourns dead FGC Okposi Students


Okposi Education Initiative has expressed shock and sadness over the mysterious death of two students of Federal Government College Okposi, Ebonyi State. According to media reports, the students were reported missing earlier in the month and their dead bodies were found recently at a bamboo grove in a river near the school.FGC

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Dr Laz Ude Eze, the group demanded full investigation to uncover the cause of death of the two students. He commended the community for their proactive response to the tragic incident. According to him, “We are extremely pained by this tragedy because nothing like this has ever occurred in Okposi. Ndi Okposi rose unanimously to express sadness when the students were declared missing and were involved in intensive search until their bodies were discovered. The community considers the ugly development as an abomination; consequently, all commercial activities were suspended, the people gathered at the market square and placed curses on any person connected to the death of the students. Okposi elites resident in Abuja have also responded likewise. Our people are very united in mourning these children and praying for their families”.

The group pledged to work with the school, community leaders and government authorities to prevent recurrence of such evil in Okposi community in future. It also called on Ebonyi State government to intervene and end recruitment of students into cultism as has been observed in some parts of the state.

16 top #Choice4Life Tweets for #16DaysofActivism


GBV info#Choice4Life Advocates commenced the #16DaysofActivism against Gender-Based Violence with a 4-hour tweetathon on November 25, 2015. The 72-member group consists of innovative young professionals who use social media to promote women sexual and reproductive health and rights.  “We believe that we can all achieve a bright future without this violence. We will not keep quiet until it ends” – vowed the advocates.

Below are top 16 tweets the group wants you to share in your networks;

  1. Violence Against Women is one of the most pervasive human rights violations around the world. #Choice4Life #EndVAW  #VAPPAct #16Days
  2. Whether domestic, physical or sexual, violence against women is still as damaging. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct #16Days
  3. We would teach women their rights, we will raise our voice to dispense justice in Nigeria via the #VAPPAct. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #16days
  4. Violence against women is punishable and we demand that our #VAPPAct be implemented in all Nigerian states.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #16days
  5. Broken Women make unstable families; unstable families make a shaky nation. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  6. It may be impossible to achieve sustainable development if gender based violence continues.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  7. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence mostly by intimate partners. #16days #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  8. The cultural idea that put women as victims must be conquered,it is a new dawn of liberation for our women. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  9. No excuse no matter how legally crafted should permit violence against women. Please, understand your rights.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  10. It is not left to only women to defend and support each other, Everyone has to help eliminate it.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  11. Did you know that the #VAPPAct bill has several prison terms for offenders of violence against women?  #Choice4Life#EndVAW
  12. You should not keep silent when you notice acts related to violence on women. Please Act! #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  13. Abusive marriages should never be smiled upon. The #VAPPAct should be domesticated in all of Nigeria.  #Choice4Life#EndVAW
  14. We understand that our women hold the key to the future; we respect them and their rights. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  15. The #VAPPAct identifies rape as any penetration into another person’s orifice without consent.#Choice4Life #EndVAW
  16. Parents and teachers must encourage children to dismiss the acceptance of violence against women. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct

Know the #VAPPAct

Other tweets include;

  • How you treat and speak to a woman shows your perspective on violence, we must do better. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Love was never intended to hurt. Let’s break this stereotype of emotional abuse and help more women. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • It is amazing how many women keep silent on violence done to them. Speak up and help fight your demons. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Female Genital Mutilation is a grave violence on any woman’s wellbeing. It is offensive and destructive. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • The sad amount of women that have been ejected from their homes because they do not have a voice. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • It is a very wrong to engage in online conversations that ridicule gender based violence . #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • We will continue to celebrate the strength and resilience of women that have been victims of violence. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • We do not just seek to curb or reduce these violence…we are talking elimination. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Every woman has a right to a healthy happy life. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Who are you to deprive a woman of her liberty? You belong in a prison. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Verbal and physiological abuse has triple effects on women and their environment. We stand to end emotional abuse. #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Extreme widowhood practices have made it okay to violate women in various parts of Nigeria. This has to end. #Choice4Life#EndVAW #VAPPAct

Every Woman Counts!

#16Days: #Choice4Life Advocates want the World to #EndVAW


nov 25#Choice4Life Advocates are young Nigerian professionals who promote Women Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights using Social Media. The Group conducted a tweetathon on November 25, 2015 to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. They are also committed to educating social media users on issues that promote women’s health during the #16DaysofActivism.

They called for the domestication of the Violence against Persons Prohibition Act (#VAPPAct) by all the 36 States of Nigeria.

Some of their tweets include;

  • No excuse no matter how legally crafted should permit violence against women. Please, understand your rights.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • It is not left to only women to defend and support each other, Everyone has to help eliminate it.#Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Did you know that the #VAPPAct bill has several prison terms for offenders of violence against women?  #Choice4Life #EndVAW
  • You should not keep silent when you notice acts related to violence on women. Please Act! #Choice4Life #EndVAW #VAPPAct
  • Abusive marriages should never be smiled upon. The #VAPPAct should be domesticated in all of Nigeria.  #Choice4Life #EndVAW

President @MBuhari appoints 18 #NewPermSecs


Using the hashtag #NewPermSecs, the following names were announced via @NGRPresident and @GarbaShehu as newly approved appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The New Permanent Secretaries

Muhammadu Buhari: President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Muhammadu Buhari: President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  1. Ayotunde Adesugba
  2. Alhaji Mahmoud Isa-Dutse
  3. Taiwo Abidogun
  4. Bukar Hassan
  5. Wakama Belema Asifieka
  6. Jalal Ahmad Arabi
  7. Sabiu Zakari
  8. Obiageli Phyllis Nwokedi
  9. Aminu Nabegu
  10. Bamgbose Olukunle Oladele
  11. Alo Williams Nwankwo
  12. Shehu Ahmed
  13. Ogbonnaya Innocent Kalu
  14. Nuratu Jimoh Batagarawa
  15. Christian Chinyeaka Ohaa
  16. Bassey Apkanyung
  17. Louis Edozien
  18. Ugo Roy

Deployment of the Permanent Secretaries

  1. Dr. Shehu Ahmad     –        Fed. Min. of Agric & Rural Development
  2. Arch Sunday Echono   – . Fed. Min. of Communications
  3. Alh. Sabiu Zakari      –        Fed. Min. of Transportation
  4. Mrs. Ayotunde Adesugba – Fed. Min. of Information & Culture
  5. Amb. Danjuma Sheni        – Fed. Min. of Defence
  6. Dr. Shade Yemi-Esan        –        Fed. Min. of Education
  7. Mrs. Fatima Mede             –       Budget & National Planning
  8. Alh. Mahmoud Isa Dutse – Fed. Min. of Finance
  9. Amb. Bulus Lolo      –        Fed. Min of Foreign Affairs
  10. Dr. Amina Shamaki         –        Fed. Min. of Health
  11. Mr. Aliyu Bisalla      -Fed. Min. of Industry, Trade & Investment
  12. Mr. Bassey Akpanyung    – Fed. Min. of Internal Affairs
  13. Mr. Taiwo Abidogun        – Fed. Ministry of Justice
  14. Dr. Habiba Lawal   –        Fed. Min. of Science & Tech.
  15. Dr. Clement Illoh    –        Fed. Min. of Labour & Productivity
  16. Dr. Jamila Shu’ara       –        Fed. Min of Petroleum Resources
  17. Mrs. Binta Bello                –        Fed. Min of Women Affairs
  18. Dr. Babatope Ajakaiye     –       Federal Capital Territory
  19. Mrs. Rabi Jimeta             –        Fed. Min. of Water Resources
  20. Dr. Bukar Hassan            –        Fed. Min of Environment
  21. Mrs. Wakama B. Asifieka – Fed. Min. of Niger Delta Affairs
  22. Mr. Istifanus Fuktur       –        Fed. Min. of Solid Minerals
  23. Mr. Christian Ohaa          –        Fed. Min of Youth & Sports
  24. Engr. A.G. Magaji            –        Fed. Min. of Works & Housing
  25. Mr. Louis Edozien – Fed. Min. of Power
  26. Mr. Jalal Arabi – State House
  27. Mr. Mohammed Bukar – General Services Office, OSGF
  28. Mr. Abbas Mohammed – Ecological Fund Office, OSGF
  29. Dr. Ugo Roy – Council Secretariat
  30. Mr. Aminu Nabegu – Special Services Office, OSGF
  31. Amb. Bamgbose Akindele – Political Affairs Office, OSGF
  32. Mr. Alo Williams Nwankwo – Economic Affairs Office, OSGF
  33. Mrs. Obiageli Nwokedi – Special Duties Office, OSGF
  34. Mr. Innocent Ogbonnaya -Career Management Office, OHCSF
  35. Mr. S.K.Y. Adelakun – Common Services Office, OHCSF
  36. Mrs. N. Batagarawa – Service Policy & Strategies Office, OHCSF

#WorldStrokeDay: Say Something! by Biodun Ogungbo


I am writing today to urge all our leaders to deliver a statement or a public address for the record, recognizing October 29th as World Stroke Day. World Stroke Day is celebrated yearly all over the world to heighten awareness about stroke and reduce its impact as a major killer in many communities. Nigeria is no exception. Taking a minute to educate Nigerians about the causes and symptoms of stroke will help raise awareness of this life-threatening disease and help reduce the number of strokes.

Dr Biodun Ogungbo

Dr Biodun Ogungbo

For your information

A stroke is a “brain attack” and can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the brain such as memory and muscle power are lost. It is a leading cause of long-term disability and death. Each year, more than 160, 000 Nigerians die from stroke though we do not know the actual number. This is more than Malaria and HIV combined anyway. However, stroke is not truly recognized as a killer and given the due dishonourable credit it deserves. Many of the deaths and disability is often ascribed to Malaria and witch craft.

For survivors and their families, the long-term costs, both financial and in terms of quality of life, are often overwhelming. Over two-thirds of survivors must live with chronic conditions, such as paralysis and reduced physical activity, speech problems, and the ability to understand speech. These conditions can impact an individual’s ability to return to work, return to school, and become a functioning member of society once again.

Please say it in your language

World Stroke Day is a time to raise awareness for the devastating impact, causes, and symptoms of stroke. As our leader, you must ensure Nigerians understand that stroke is treatable and preventable, as long as citizens arm themselves with the proper diagnostic tools and health information. Common stroke symptoms include: sudden weakness of the face, arm, or leg; sudden confusion; trouble speaking or understanding speech; sudden trouble walking or seeing; loss of balance; and sudden, severe headache. The ability to recognize these symptoms and seek medical attention immediately is critical to surviving a stroke and minimizing long-term disability.

Stroke affects people of all ages, but several underlying factors that put individuals at higher risk include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, obesity, tobacco use and physical inactivity. Understanding the risks involved with certain lifestyle choices and making healthier choices can often help reduce a person’s risk of stroke. Everyone must know the root causes of stroke such as high blood pressure and diabetes. High blood pressure or hypertension is the biggest underlying cause of stroke in Nigeria. Many people do not know they have high blood pressure because they have not checked. We need to change this. Others who have been diagnosed stop taking medications for various reasons. Some because their pastor said they were cured at the last retreat!

The government recently inaugurated a special group, the Nigeria Stroke Reference Group (NSRG). The NSRG is mandated to help deliver a strategic plan and direction for stroke care in Nigeria. It will liaise with the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) to deliver a stroke registry for Nigeria, educate healthcare practitioners and conduct serious advocacy for Nigerians to mitigate the effects of stroke.

There are a few pertinent things for Nigeria. We need to develop an emergency telephone number for Nigeria and a coordinated ambulance service as well. You see, to treat stroke effectively, the stroke victim should be able to call an emergency response number and be transported to a dedicated stroke centre within minutes, for clot bursting drugs to be administered. At the stroke centre, a brain scan is mandatory and must be performed immediately to see what type of stroke the person has suffered. Then, if suitable and within the recognised time window of about 3 to 4 hours, clot bursting drugs can be given to reopen the pipes that are blocked in the brain. In some situations, this leads to immediate recovery from the stroke.

The clot bursting drugs such as Alteplase, Streptokinase and Urokinase are not readily available. Where they are available, they are too expensive for the common man to buy. For the rich who have money to fly out of the country, Europe, America and India are too far to go for a drug that must be administered within 3 hours. In effect, developing a local solution to cater for everyone favours both the rich and the poor.

Many nations are concentrating on the advocacy and effective treatment in stroke centres. We know that treatment in a stroke centre reduces the disability and death significantly. Therefore establishing such centres in Nigeria is the way forward. So, stroke centres need to be developed to provide effective emergency management of stroke victims. Some centres exist in Benin and Abeokuta but they need serious financial support to deliver quality of care.

The government through the FMOH must find ways to effectively support stroke survivors and their families through the advancement of new treatments. By raising awareness, we can minimize the rates of disability and mortality resulting from stroke.

Therefore, please join us in recognizing October 29th as World Stroke Day in order to continue to educate Nigerians about stroke symptoms, prevention, and treatment. If you could, please pop into Transcorp Hilton on the day and be part of our success story this year. To sponsor or attend the events, please call Florence on 08189999902. Join us to fight stroke.


Dr Biodun Ogungbo, MBBS, FRCS, FRCSEd, MSc

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Director, Stroke Action, Nigeria

Member, Nigeria Stroke Reference Group